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We have counseling this morning…

I work in education.  He is self employed.  With what I do, it’s hard to find a sub to cover me for counseling sessions…. but she does have two days a week that she can see clients at 7 freaking … Continue reading

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He has a fake facebook

To me, Facebook is like inviting someone into your home, into your life. You share updates, pictures, adventures… it’s personal. I remember asking him while the affair was in full swing, if he had one.  “No” I remember asking him … Continue reading

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Moved to WordPress

I have moved over to WordPress.  Mainly because I want an app to use to publish.   Let’s see how it goes here!    

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Putting it all together…but so much is missing.

Counseling started yesterday. I saw a post from Caroline Madden, Phd. (Grab her books!  They are a big help!) It said, “Signs he will cheat again: He makes YOU find the marriage counselor” It was a picture, but I can’t find … Continue reading

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The timeline is killing me – When he started sleeping with her.

The timeline.  What difference does it make, really?  It’s not like I don’t know, sitting here today, that they fucked each other, but for some reason, I’ve needed to know WHEN it started… and it DOES make a difference…possible life … Continue reading

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