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I didn’t react like he thought I would so now I’m dealing with some unknown alien from another planet.

So, I find out a nice big nasty detail about when he left us that Christmas. My previous post highlights his actions that night. I wrote my blog post that evening and went to bed. We didn’t say a word … Continue reading

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I found out something I have long wanted to know…

I found out something tonight that has had me stuck pretty bad. It was about Christmas, when he left.  He was gone 2 weeks and those two weeks have been the hardest for me to process through.  Mainly because he … Continue reading

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It’s 2am…

I worry I will never sleep right again. Last Friday, my mother in-law passed away. She passed away at home after a very long battle with MS. I loved her very much. She was sweet, quiet and kind. She left … Continue reading

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Why can’t I let the OW go?

  This bugs me. I analyze and over-think everything. Its crazy to me that a year and a half past Dday that she’s still in my head. I can say with certainty that I’m not threatened by her. I do … Continue reading

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I don’t like who I am now. I’m struggling with this ‘new’ me.

The first time I saw him, I was 17. A group of us were hanging out in a mall parking lot.  This blue Chevy van pulls up and he gets out with a cassette tape in his hand .  He … Continue reading

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Music…  it’s there when there is happiness, falling in love, just driving around, when you want to dance or work out and when there is pain.   When you try to put words to what you’re going through, but just … Continue reading

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Is the fake Facebook account drama at an end?

Last Thursday.  7:30am.   We are sitting on her couches.  I have one request for him for this session: we are not talking about the fucking fake Facebook account.  Not today.  That particular Thursday, I didn’t trust myself, and I … Continue reading

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