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I’ve read about it, wondered about it, hoping it can be a thing that works. Let’s see. Just set up my first appointment/consultation for this coming Wednesday. I am not looking forward to yet another therapist. I also hope that … Continue reading

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It’s good medicine.

Self reflection. I wrote a while back that I often head to Gettysburg -my happy place- and just hang out. I have more than one happy place. As the weather turned colder I found myself not going to Gettysburg as … Continue reading

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The STD test

Often a group I’m in or a conversation with my twitter fam definitely get me thinking. Funny that today, it came up in both my group and on Twitter. The STD test after finding out the cheating lying liar possibly … Continue reading

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What just happened?

So after I saw that text between D and my husband, we had it out that weekend. I basically let 2 1/2 years out. I took up for myself and let’s just say there were a lot of tears and … Continue reading

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Pointless post this morning. Big debate going on in a group I’m in this morning on the acronyms. It is being said that we, the BS (betrayed spouse) need to stop calling the OW, OW. We need to call her … Continue reading

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