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What do you need?

I’m quiet most of the time. I don’t talk about the affair with him, but I need to. I’ve needed to since I found out. But there’s been no talking. Only defensive bullshit, fighting and blame games. Trickle truth. Gaslighting. … Continue reading

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Her name is…

I was talking to a friend that has been somewhat in my circle for about a year and half. An “after dday friend.” ūüôā She has noticed my Facebook is not always positive, dark humor, bordering on sarcasm and passive … Continue reading

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Intensive sessions over

It’s 3am. I do so hope this insomnia begins to fade away. Two weeks of intensive sessions have come to an end. It feels so much longer. Two weeks of some sessions that went a couple of hours. Some that … Continue reading

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Comparison to the other woman

I wonder… Bear with me here as I work this out. I watched a video from Affair Recovery this morning.   This one definitely got me thinking a little. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever felt jealous … Continue reading

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Am I being true to myself.

I’m several sessions into the trucker. I have two more to go with her before I lose her. But we are close with this one and I’m glad she offered the intensive sessions. Though they are exhausting. We always begin … Continue reading

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Rings and symbols

The pastor placed our rings in his bible and blessed them. He handed mine to my almost husband and he said his vows to me as he slid mine onto my finger. Pastor handed me his and I slid his … Continue reading

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