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EMDR a year later.

I’m in a couple of EMDR groups on Facebook. Recent topics there got me thinking of where I am today with it. I’m pretty amazed at what EMDR did for me. I’m glad I did it, I’m proud of myself … Continue reading

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I don’t even know what to title this.

A quote I saw caused a pretty fierce face palm this past weekend. A jaw drop, a wide eyed gasp and a face palm that was a bit harder than it should’ve been. I did. I read it again. Then … Continue reading

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He does not know me.

Sometimes I can see forward a little clearer when I take a minute to look back. 30 years. Actually it’s more. Like 31 or 32 years. I met my husband when I was 15? Maybe 16. At the time, I … Continue reading

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