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A big deck.

Husband posted picture of himself today building a deck. The post said, “Screwing around” Pissed me off. Maybe it would not have a few years ago, you know, back when he wasn’t screwing around when he was supposed to be … Continue reading

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I have more than a few people I follow that have recently written or tweeted about it being their wedding anniversary. There’s a lot of mixed emotions. Some are divorced, but the date still crossed their mind. Some are reconciling … Continue reading

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Pokémon go.

When I first thought of writing this, I thought no… don’t. It’s silly. But it’s not. Not to me. 🥰 It was July 6, 2016. Just 3 months after dday. All three of my kids just got up and went … Continue reading

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I scrolled waaay back…

I’ve been here and on twitter for 4 years now. I wrote my first entry and created my twitter account on the same day. I was nervous hitting “publish” and I was nervous going on twitter anonymously. I have been … Continue reading

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Dr. Phil bullshit

***Child molestation and rape trigger warning.*** I’m down with some poison ivy. I don’t get it like a ‘normal person’. I get a small amount of the oil on me and I’m a blistered miserable mess for WEEKS. It’s painful, … Continue reading

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