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My dad would always send me a birthday card. It was always well thought, sweet, and I could always tell he took his time picking the perfect card. I’ve saved every single one he’s ever sent. Sometimes he would include … Continue reading

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Life moves on.

My last post was a mess. Sorry. I won’t even go back and read it, but I think I talked about the prescribed Prozac. I started them. I think I’m on day 11 with them. I think they work. For … Continue reading

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Stupid condoms. ūü§¨

I clearly seem to have lost complete control over myself at this point. I’m not thinking, I’m not thinking past doing dumb shit and knowing there will be consequences. Maybe it’s mercury retrograde. Maybe it is. Maybe I’m insane. Maybe … Continue reading

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A feather

My sister keeps telling me she feels our dad around her all the time. At the service, her and I were sitting next to each other and she told me she could feel him behind us with his arms around … Continue reading

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I wonder why I called‚Ķ

It is my mother’s birthday today. I broke down and called her. This could be some guilt happening due to my fathers actions. But in the end, I cried. She had a massive stroke a few years ago. She doesn’t … Continue reading

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It’s real.

The internal battle is real. I’m doing it again, the push away. The “other people have it worse” the “It’s fine. Everything’s fine” fake smile. But I want to scream. I want to scream. I need to just admit to … Continue reading

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